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Gun Lake Protective Association 

10 Most Common Marine Law Violations

1. All watercraft shall be equipped with a Coast Guard approved PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE (PFD) of appropriate size for each pasĀ­senger. Boats over 16' are required to have a Coast Guard approved wearable for each person and one additional type IV throw-able device. All PWC (Jet Ski) occupants are required to wear PFDs. Children under 6 must wear a Type I or II PFD while riding on an open deck of a vesĀ­sel. Check the printed Coast Guard information on each jacket.

2. Vessels are required to operate at a slow, no wake speed, within 100 feet from any raft, dock, occupied swim area, anchored or moored vessels, or persons in the water. The speed limit for inland lakes is 55 mph unless otherwise controlled and during periods of reduced visibility.

3. Watercraft shall travel in a counter-clockwise direction on the lake when traveling the shoreline.

4. An operator of a vessel shall not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

5. Watercraft must have proper lighting from sunset to sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility.

6. A Personal Watercraft (PWC) may be operated during the hours between 8:00 AM until sunset.

7. Occupants of a vessel shall not sit or stand in an area not built to be stood or sat upon while the boat is underway, i.e. seatbacks, decks, bow and gunwales.

8. Persons born after December 31, 1978 must have a Boaters Safety Certificate when operating a PWC. The minimum age for operating a PWC is 14 with a parent or 16 without a parent. Those born after July 1, 1996 must have a Boater's Safety Certificate to operate any motor-zed vessel over 6 HP on Michigan waterways.

9. A PWC may not jump the wake of another non PWC watercraft within 150 feet of the boat's stern unless at a slow, no wake, speed.

10. Water skiing is legal 1 hour before sunrise until 1 hour after sunset. Every vessel towing must have a person on board, in addition to the operator of the vessel, observing the towed person(s) at all times.

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