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Gun Lake Protective Association 


Monitor activities on and near Gun Lake for violations of local ordinances and state regulations and laws. No agency has the manpower, time or personal interest to do this for us. The GLPA is the only organization with the sole mission of protecting our lake for our members, to increase property values, and for the greater good of Gun Lake. We are proud of the fact that with your help we are growing each year. 

About GLPA

Since 1920 the GLPA Board of Directors has served our membership for the greater good of Gun Lake.  A legacy like this is only possible due to your continuing support of our efforts. Thank you very much for your continued support.

The Annual membership meeting is held every year on the second Saturday of August. Exercise your membership rights and attend. It will be your opportunity to hear the status of our work in many areas. We will present updates on the progress of the Gun Lake Improvement Board on weed control, impending risks, legal issues, water quality, fish stocking and other areas of our efforts to protect the lake to increase property values.

Our financial statement is available at the annual meeting. Our GLPA financial records for the fiscal year have been reviewed by Walker, Fluke & Sheldon PLC.. Our legal needs are still being handled by the law firm of Bloom, Sluggett & Morgan P.C. in Grand Rapids.

We publish two newsletters each year recapping the events at the lake and mail them to you; one in the fall and one in the spring. If you are not receiving both, make sure we have your appropriate mailing address. At your option, this information need not be listed in the directory; just provide the address and/or phone number and indicate you wish it to be "unlisted." We ask that your dues be paid by May 1 in order that we have time to put the directory together and available for delivery to you by the second week in June, when it is of most value.

Our directory historically has listed property owners with reference to the local lake area description. Please refer to Page 4 of your Directory. You will find 50 local Gun Lake Area Directors sharing the workload to protect your investment.

Michigan has over 11,000 inland lakes, ranging from 5 to 20,000 acres in size. 10,000 lakes are 5 to 50 acres; 889 lakes are 50 or 100 acres; 556 lakes are 100-200 acres; and 439 lakes are 200 or more acres in size. The total surface area of Michigan's lakes is 800,000 acres. You the members, make Gun Lake the greatest of them all.

Gun lake protective association Membership

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The annual dues are $25 plus any donation you wish to make for the fireworks.

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